• How to Post Images, Pictures and GIF Files on Facebook?

    One of the most popular social network MySpace, which has been part of the history of social networks, you will probably have memories of the animated GIFs published on profiles and pages on that site. Although some of them were interesting, many were just poor quality and extremely simple, so little that this network helped to remain as the world's largest, especially when Facebook made its appearance and everyone decided to move to Facebook.


    Since Facebook has become a favorite of everyone to share pictures, videos and games with friends, and GIF files are animations which have always been absent from this network. However, this has changed and it is now possible to publish GIFs on Facebook.


    This is especially appreciated these days, where the once-more GIFs like WordArt style and images were created using a basic-color palette GIFs have given way to better resolution, more attractive and often from popular TV series or world-famous films, which might even say that they have become memes on their own.


    Steps to Publish a GIF File on Facebook


    Facebook allows you to upload images in JPG format, static for you and your contacts to see but it not so with the images and files in GIF format. If you try to upload a GIF you have stored on your computer or on your mobile, Facebook simply publishes it as a static image i.e. without moving, so the GIF loses all its interest and fun.


    How get likes on your Facebook gifs


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    How to publish a GIF image without losing its animation?


    Well, it is very simple; what you should do is post a link to a GIF file in the window where you can update your status. This is the same window where you tell your friends what you are doing or how you are going.


    Steps to Publish a GIF File on Facebook


    • Find the GIF image which is of your liking.
    • Copy the address to the GIF file, not the address of the website where you found it. This means that if the page is called www.likeskaufencom, the GIF file can be in the www.likeskaufen.com/archive.gif address.
    • Copy and paste in it your Facebook profile in the update window, complete address to the gif file that is www.likeskaufen.com/archive.gif and then press the Enter/Return/Enter on your keyboard, either on your computer or virtual, if you are on your mobile phone.
    • Once you have done this correctly, GIF file gets loaded into that Facebook window and you can publish it where your friends can see it.
    • Note that the GIF files you post on Facebook could also be seen in mobile phones, regardless of make of them. This means that if you publish this GIF link from your iPhone, your friends using an Android phone can also view and vice versa.


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